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The latest property listed in Stolen iPods / MP3 Players

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Stolen Ipod (roughly a month and a half ago)

my ipod was stolen (along with a few other things that were...

Hearst 8/30/14
devastated 13 yr old

stolen from Kingswood park elementary, between 9-11am

Surprise 8/30/14
Apple iPod Touch 8GB Black

On the back, it has engraved "Bank of the West".

Cerritos 8/30/14
Stolen iPod

Silver iPod 5th generation lost on August 24th, 2014 around...

Brighton, MA 8/25/14
Ipod 5th gen in black otter box

My sons ipod was stolen on his birthday just hours after opening...

somerset 8/24/14
iPod touch 5g blue 32 gb

aztec case

Myrtle Beach 8/24/14
Stolen Ipod

Apple ipod nano 6th generation, 16gb.

Vancouver 8/18/14
Lost iPod

Forget my iPod in an attraction at Disney. My sunglasses, which...

- 8/16/14
stolen ipod touch 32g

bought as a xmas gift 2013- stolen may 2014 silver- white ...

Saint John 8/15/14
Jake's Ipod Touch 5 Jake's Ipod Touch 5

Stolen at Dinwiddie High School on last day of a Work Group...

Belvidere 8/14/14
stolen iPod Touch

Car window broken and iPod touch stolen from public parking lot...

Rochester 8/14/14
Blue Ipod Touch 5 Blue Ipod Touch 5

plain pink case , rubber . Blue back . Small cut on edge of...

mcdonough 8/12/14
Ipod touch 5g

its an ipod touch 5g black in the front grey in the back. "keep...

brooklyn 8/12/14
silver ipod NANO

Silver ipoad Nano 16GB with black case and belt clip. ...

Columbus 8/10/14
Pink IPod Touch 5th Generation, 32 GB Pink IPod Touch 5th Generation, 32 GB

CASH REWARD UPON REQUEST Has quote on back: "Hogwarts will...

North York, Ontario 8/10/14
stolen ipod touch 64gb

Serial number CCQGK8E0DT78 black 64gb touch gen 4 taken from...

Cape Coral 8/10/14
iPod touch 5th generation 32GB blue

Serial  #:  CCQMPFXPF4JW

Portland, Oregon 8/6/14
iPod Nano (slate) 16 Gb

16 GB iPod Nano in slate stolen in Vancouver. Has over 1000...

Vancouver 8/5/14
Stolen iPod

Stolen iPod 8K127KB99ZU.

Ottawa 8/5/14
Litter Mermaid Cover Ipod 5 Gen 32GB

White Ipod 5 Generation 32G. It has a Blue Little Mermaid...

Pembroke Pines 8/4/14
ipod 4th 32

C3RGN505DT77 is the serial number was stolen in school

north berwick 8/4/14
Stolen iPod 5s Stolen iPod 5s

Baby blue metallic color. Serial number: CCQMJPKF4JW Model:...

Marysville 8/3/14
Stolen Ipod classic black

iPod Classic silverback 80gb with engraving name of Ebony Kinsey...

Annapolis 7/31/14
iPod Touch 5th gen 32gb White

Ipod was stolen in Bakersfield at the Valley Plaza Mall. It has...

Bakersfield 7/27/14
stolen ipod nano


torrance 7/25/14
Stolen Black iPod 64gb 5th Generation Tire Case

Black iPod 64gb

Tacoma 7/15/14


EMPORIUM 7/14/14


EMPORIUM 7/14/14
Ipod Nano 6th gen

graphite color ipod nano 6th gen with small black workout arm...

san antonio 7/13/14
Stolen Ipod Touch

Ipod touch, 5th generation, black/silver, refurbished, was...

Kansas City 7/10/14
Stolen ipod 5th gen blue 32 gig

Stolen iPod touch 5th gen, 32 gig blue light scratches on back...

Elyria 7/6/14
iPod Nano 1GB Black

Serial No. YM6131PZUPS / Model No. A1137

Lawton 7/6/14
Stolen iPod 5th Generation 32GB

I had an iPod stolen from my car.  It is a white 32GB iPod...

Raleigh 7/2/14
iPod 4G, serial# C3TJD39WF96T

Small crack in bottom right corner of screen. Had a green case.

Richland 7/2/14
Ipod Nano

Nano 6th Generation

Bayside 6/30/14
Stolen IPod in Rodanthe, NC

Stole while on vacation

Rodanthe 6/30/14
Stolen Ipod touch 5 tiger cover

Ipod 5 stole from my pocket during pink saturday night in...

San francisco 6/29/14
Stole Blue Ipod Shuffle Stole Blue Ipod Shuffle

Car was broken into various items stolen. One of which is a Blue...

Aberdeen 6/28/14
stolen ipod touch 5th generation 16 gb (silver)

neeed to find it 

gainsville 6/25/14
Stolen Ipod Classic

SN: 8K9267MU2C7

Pensacola, Florida 6/20/14
Lost ipod touch 5th generation silver 32GB

I lost it in campus restroom, and there is no reply from find my...

cupertino 6/19/14
Stolen Ipod Touch 5

This was stolen from my car.

Delavan 6/18/14
iPod classic

160gb Black

Roseville 6/17/14
Blue iPod grey cover stolen in fort Jackson sc

Stolen iPod in fort Jackson Burger King restroom. Would like it...

Fort Jackson 6/16/14
ipod touch 5th gen

Gray IPod touch 32GB

Dallad 6/5/14
Stolen iPod Touch 5th Gen

It's a blue iPod Touch 5 with an orange case that has a chicken...

White Lake 5/30/14
Blue Ipod 5

My daughter's blue Ipod 5 was stolen. It last had a Tinkerbelle...

Baltimore 5/29/14
Stolen JIII Jay Chou MP3 player Stolen JIII Jay Chou MP3 player

There was a burglary at my house 2 months ago and I have my...

san jose 5/28/14
Apple 5th Gen iPod Touch (Black)

My black 5th gen iPod Touch was stolen today. Last seen at...

Davenport 5/28/14
iPod Touch 8GB SN 8M947F4J75J

iPod Touch 8GB SN 8M947F4J75J stolen in Churchville NY on...

Churchville 5/28/14


Chattanooga 5/28/14
Stolen Ipod Touch second generation

serial number 9C909Z8D201 Black ipod, black rubber protector...

Jackson 5/27/14

Serial Number:    C1XDQPXEDCP7 Make:...

Yakima 5/24/14
Black 32 gb 4th gen Ipod Touch

My son's Ipod was stolen by a relative believed to possibly been...

Taunton 5/20/14
iPod Classic Black 160GB Serial # 8L9481ZL9ZU iPod Classic Black 160GB Serial # 8L9481ZL9ZU

Named "Tory's iPod II", very, very used for 4 years, has over...

Bourbonnais, IL 5/20/14
Ipod Touch 5th gen 32GB

Silver back with white face, last seen in a blue spongebob cover.

hustonville 5/15/14
Stolen 5th gen blue ipod

Blue 32gb ipod, with a black Cellaris case. Mini dent on back....

Marysville 5/13/14

iPod 2 was stolen from the gym.

Roanoke 5/13/14
Stolen iPod Touch (4th Gen)

Serial number: C3VH3E1NDT75

Burlington 5/13/14
iPod classic 7th gen, 120GB stolen from car iPod classic 7th gen, 120GB stolen from car

iPod Classic, 7th generation, 120GB. Silver in color, had...

Hancock 5/7/14
MC903LL/A iPod Touch 32GB Pink (5th Generation) MC903LL/A iPod Touch 32GB Pink (5th Generation)

iPod 5 Touch originally purchased for my five-year-old...

Plano 5/4/14
iPod Classic Black 160GB Serial # 8K1102K49ZU

IPOD CLASSIC 160G/BLACK/PRSNL-USA (7th Gen)(Late 2009) ...

Grayslake 4/28/14
IPOD Touch Stolen - Serial # - C3LLQ2SEF4JW

New 2013 IPOD touch stolen - Blue/teal back w/ white front -...

Kansas City 4/28/14
Missing 4th gen iPod-engraved

My iPod is missing. It was a gift from my parents and it...

Houston 4/27/14
iPad iPad

May have the rubber part of a black otterbox. May have pictures...

Lafayette 4/23/14
Stolen iPod

Serial # is C3RGLA4YDNQY

Marion 4/22/14
stolen grey ipod shuffle and sony headphones

The iPod and earphones were stolen from the fitness facility at...

Robins afb 4/22/14
Stolen iPod Touch

iPod Touch 4th Generation Black

Jacksonville 4/22/14
iPod Nano 5th Gen iPod Nano 5th Gen

iPod Nano 5th Gen..8GB.. polished aluminum in mint

tampa 4/19/14
iPod classic 160GB Black iPod classic 160GB Black

Stolen around April 7-9th in northeast Spokane from my vehicle's...

Spokane 4/19/14
 iPod Nano 7th generation stolen iPod Nano 7th generation stolen

My iPod Nano 7th generation was stolen from my vehicle...

belfast, maine 4/17/14
iPod Classic

Stolen from car

Sterling Heights 4/15/14
Ipod Touch 4 generation 16 gb

Mint condition!! Screen protector and case when taken.

Concord Mills Mall 4/15/14
Stolen iPod nano 5th gen

Black/graphite color 16GB built in speaker built in camera...

Saint Louis 4/14/14
5th gen blue iPod touch 32 GB

Serial #DJ6KM0K5F4JW Has clear plastic case and screen...

Philadelphia 4/13/14
2 Ipods 32 GB model A1367


Mexico City 4/9/14
Stolen iPod 4th Generation / Pink glass


Palmyra 4/7/14
Missing iPod 5th Genration 64gb

In lime green/blue griffin tough case, black iPod. Last seen at...

Marietta, GA 4/6/14
blue i pod 5

has camo case and Air Jordan wallpaper

Jamestown 4/6/14
owner owner

Mi ipod was stolen, wen I was on vacantion in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas 4/6/14

My iPod was stolen,wen on vacantion in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas 4/6/14
iPod Touch (4th Generation) 8GB

White, blank back, bumpy gray and white striped case, screen...

Oxnard 4/5/14
White Ipod Touch 4th generation

This ipod was my life i ave had it for two years!!! I moved out...

Portland 4/5/14

My ipod 5th gen is silver/ white it has a green and black case...

honolulu,hi 4/4/14
Lost my Ipod at school

I had my I Pod during class when I checked to see if I had it...

Sahuarita 4/3/14
iPod 4th Generation (Black)

Stolen iPOD. Was stolen from my purse

Fresno 4/3/14
Ipod Touch Stolen From Norther Middle School

An Ipod Touch 8GB was stolen from the Norther Middle School on...

Dillsburg 4/3/14
ipod touch white tropical treat

i lost an ipod at the tropical treat in shippensburg,pa and need...

Shippensburg 3/30/14
Stolen/missing iPod Touch

Stolen or missing white 8gb ipod touch SN: C3TGWYYKDNQW. Missing...

Round Rock 3/28/14
APPLE ipod touch

rainbow cases with out its blue back white front

pasadena 3/28/14
Stolen IPOD Touch 4th Generation

Stolen IPOD touch 4th generation. Serial # C3YDQRCJDCP7

BELTON 3/27/14
Stolen iPod touch 4th gen (serial #: CCQDR7X9DCPC)

It's a 4th generation gray 16GB iPod touch. It was stolen in...

Brigham 3/25/14
Stolen white ipod/light blue button from P.S. 198

16 g white ipod with light blue button stolen from my sons book...

New York 3/25/14
classic ipod stolen 80gb

A black classic ipod from mid 2006 was stolen from my car in my...

pittsfield 3/24/14
iPod Touch 4th Generation: Serial #: CGQJGQLXDNQY

iPod touch 4th generation - Model number: MD058LL/A Serial #:...

Dallas 3/24/14

Ipod 4th generation with Pnk otterbox. Stolen in Benson AZ...

Benson AZ 3/23/14
iPod touch 5th generation Black

iPod touch 5th generation color is black had a Black and green...

Durham 3/23/14
iPod 5th gen

iPod touch 5th gen 32gb is black with a black otter box

Brandon 3/22/14
Pink ipod touch 5th gen.

I lost my ipod is a gift from my family is has engraved On te...

Bakersfield 3/19/14

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